Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stuff for Baby Mama

I'm not the only preggo at work. One of my supervisor's, Kristine, is pregnant and due in late Jan/early Feb and Jenny, who works downstairs, is also due around then. Yesterday Kristine gave me two of her books that she no longer wanted, as this is her last baby.

I started reading The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy last night and so far it's hilarious. It's the best pregnancy book I've read yet. I will give it a more in-depth review when I'm finished with it. I haven't looked at the baby name book yet, since we already have a couple picked out, but I'll get to it eventually. Then Jenny sent me a link on "uddercovers" http://www.uddercovers.com/ along with a discount code. With my mom's advice I decided to go ahead and get the cover in the color I wanted. I also decided to get the set instead of just the cover, for a $5 difference. The cover has a piece of hard plastic in the neckline so that you can look at your baby, and also has an adjustable neck strap. Mom said that when babies get bigger they flail their arms and legs and will knock a blanket off, so she recommended the neck strap. Plus it's pretty.

The set also comes with a pair of breast pads and a bracelet that helps you keep track of what side you last nursed on, at what time, and for how long.

For all of this, ladies and gentlemen, I paid a grand total of $13.95 after shipping. I saved a total of $43.85, because the item was on sale and then I had the discount code from Jenny. Not a bad deal, I think. Then the website also sells a ten pack of breast pads for $32.95 plus $8.95 shipping. With that same discount code, when I order them next week they will only cost me $9.90--shipping included. I did a little price comparison: Target, 3 pair, $17.99, Babies r Us, Avent 3 pair (with all bad recommendations), $6.99. So I'm getting a huge deal. I may even order a couple of packs. I love a great deal!


  1. More books are always nice. I never got tired of reading and preparing. Glad you got a great buy!

  2. The uddercover is a good idea. I never bothered to cover up since I nursed my babies in the land where nursing in public was 100% acceptable. It is possible to nurse in a discreet way....probably shows less flesh than many women show with their cleavage-bearing tops. The pads are a GREAT idea! Leaking all over can be quite embarrassing. I DID use those! Glad you got such a good deal on everything.

  3. Hey, maybe your baby will come a week early and be born on Suzanne's birthday! Then you can call her Suzanne Nancy. :) He he!