Tuesday, November 3, 2009

12 Week Dr Appointment

Yesterday was Baby’s three month doctor appointment. We got to hear the heartbeat, and Dr. H felt my uterus and showed us where it is, and then…drumroll please…announced that we will be having our ultrasound at our next appointment! I will be almost 17 weeks so if Baby cooperates we will find out the gender, and we will get to see it and hear its heartbeat. This appointment will be the day before we leave for Ohio for Christmas, so if all goes well I’ll be able to tell my family what it is. I’m also hoping that by that time I will be feeling the baby move, although others probably won’t be able to feel it yet. A childhood friend of Nathan’s sister has offered to give us some kind of home Doppler so my family will be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat as well. LOTS to be excited about next month. And, Saturday is my birthday!

On a less pleasant note, there is no heat at work today and it is very cold outside. It is 65 degrees in this office, people. These are not humane conditions. Prisoners of war are treated better than this. This is ridiculous!

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  1. I hope your heat is on at work today! Everyone will probably dress warmly and then it will be hot! What day are you leaving for Ohio? You've got more votes for boy so far.