Monday, November 2, 2009

Maternity Clothes

My mom wants a post about the maternity clothes I have so far. I had bought myself a pair of pants and a sweater. I don't wear the pants yet because they are too big, but my normal pants don't button very comfortably any more either. I could go buy a pair of oh-so-fashionable low rise jeans like many pregnant women wear, since they go below the baby bump, but every time you sit down your butt sticks out of the pants. So they are out for me. What I'm currently doing is doubling a thick rubber band through the loop and hooking it on the button. Then I zip the zipper about halfway.

The thing is, I need extra long shirts to modestly cover the half unzipped pants. I have a few, but not enough for all week. So last weekend I was planning to go buy some longer shirts. But, Friday night I got home and found a package from my Aunt Nancy! As a "Congratulations on the Baby" gift, she sent me two pretty maternity shirts and a rockin' tote she had made for me in Niger. What an answer to prayer! Now I have five shirts that are appropriate for work that also cover the zipper and I have room for my belly to grow. I will shop the second hand baby stores for used maternity wear now. I found a really nice shirt for 5 dollars that was about 40 brand new!

This is one of the shirts from Aunt Nancy. It's a brown and white pattern with smocking on top and a tie in the back. Sorry the pictures on some of these aren't great...the lighting in my bedroom is bad for pictures.

This is the teal one

This is the sweater I got from Motherhood Maternity

This is Nathan modeling the sweater! Hahahahah! He didn't know I was going to put it up here. You can't really tell from the picture but he had a 9 month pillow belly and was waddling with his hands on the small of his back. It was hilarious!

Then there's me wearing the teal shirt (that's the real color) and the shirt with the sweater unbutttoned. These are from Sunday morning before church. It was my week to sing to I was trying to dress up. I ended up not wearing the sweater though because it was warm.

That's it! I will try to put up pictures when I get new stuff.


  1. Very creative with the jeans--I hope the rubber band doesn't break and snap you in the middle of work! I can see it now:) Very nice tops. And wow, what a fashion model...

  2. AH-hahahahahahahah that would be funny!!

  3. Nice tops, Alesha. The sweater is especially becoming on Nathan! You are definitely starting to show. By the end of 9 months, you will hate those clothes! At least I did because my wardrobe was somewhat limited.